Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK)

MSK Ultrasound sites at GIG RadiologyWhen is MSK Ultrasound the clinically relevant choice?

MSK Ultrasound is clearly the modality of choice for optimal patient management and outcomes for soft tissues. Nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons are seen more clearly with MSK Ultrasound than with regular x-rays or CT, and with quicker cost effective and more efficient timing than MRI. Our radiologists are always happy to discuss appropriate clinical applications with you.

Can an allied health practitioner refer a patient for MSK Ultrasound?

Allied health practitioners can refer directly to GIG Radiology for an MSK Ultrasound just like with general x-ray services.  Referring your patients to another practitioner will delay getting the results and your ability to control the management of your patient. 

How soon can my patient get an appointment for an MSK Ultrasound?

Most MSK Ultrasound scans at GIG Radiology are performed within a day of referral.

What are the fees for an MSK Ultrasound?

When you refer direct, there may be little difference overall in the out of pocket fees charged to your patient. Your patient only pays $100 for their MSK Ultrasound.

Where can I send my patients for an MSK Ultrasound?

Your patients can now be scanned quickly and comfortably at GIG MSK Ultrasound sites located at Traralgon, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Officer and Rosebud. See the location page for location details.